Iceland – By Paul Bloomfield

IIceland is like nowhere else you’ll ever visit. That’s not just because of the stark volcanic landscapes, the serene fjords, the giant glaciers. It’s also not only due to the puffins and whales, the frozen waterfalls, the steaming natural springs, the Viking heritage, the Northern Lights or the unique cuisine. It’s down to the Icelanders themselves, a people of unparalleled creativity and independent spirit who harbour beliefs in ancient huldufólk (elves and more) but produce groundbreaking music, who smile gently and act boldly. Iceland changes you. Visit it and you’ll discover how and why.

Language: Icelandic. English is spoken almost universally.

Currency: Króna (kr). ATMs are widespread and major credit cards are accepted.

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Paul Bloomfield is a travel writer and photographer for the likes of Lonely Planet, Wanderlust, The Telegraph, The Times and the BBC, specialising in hiking, active adventures and wildlife-watching. Follow him on Twitter @paulbtravel

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