Adventurous Honeymoom Ideas for Daring Newlyweds

If lying on a beach in an all-inclusive resort for 2 weeks doesn’t float your boat why not try something a little different?  Our list of 10 of the world’s most adventurous honeymoon ideas will kick-start married life with a trip you will never forget.

1: Go on a safari adventure in Namibia

With big skies, sweeping plains and gorgeous sunsets, African safaris are inherently romantic. Why choose Namibia? It’s sparsely populated and less-visited than the likes of Kenya, yet it offers excellent wildlife-watching, exquisite lodges, unmatched star-gazing and great roads for easy self-drive, ideal for couples wanting to travel alone. Namibia also has some of the world’s most dramatic, unique and sweeping landscapes. You can’t beat the Namib Desert for the ultimate treat: a dawn hot-air balloon flight.

Or try… Botswana, for some of the most exclusive bush camps on the continent.

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Couple viewing wildlife in Etosha Park, Namibia. Curious Travel's adventurous honeymoon ideas

Viewing Animals in Etosha Park, Namibia – Image by Sandra Mori

2: Set sail in the Caribbean

Sail into the sunset together on a bareboat yacht charter. If you have the skills, helm a two-man yacht yourselves; if not, hire a skipper. Far from playing gooseberry, they’re masters of discretion. They’ll teach you to sail if you like, but will melt into the background as the mood requires. The Caribbean, especially the British Virgin Islands (rebounding well post-2017’s hurricanes) is a perfect choice, with plenty of islands close together, reliable winds, super snorkelling possibilities and lots of secret coves made just for two.

Or try… an Egyptian Nile cruise aboard an intimate, opulent 19th-century-style dahabiyya sailboat.

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Romantic Honeymoon Cruise on the Nile, Egypt

Cruising the Nile at Aswan – Image by WitR

3: Drive off in style across the USA

Is there a better metaphor for the start of a marriage than an open road? Double the romance by hitting the US’s epic highways with your roof down. Road trips give a feeling of freedom; a convertible adds wind-in-your-hair thrills. The United States has iconic routes: try California’s Pacific Coast Highway for Big Sur, Hollywood glamour and good wine. Alternatively, if you’re planning an autumn honeymoon, head for the quiet roads, country inns and fall colours of New England.

Or try… The Scottish Highlands in a classic car, completing the new North Coast 500, staying at castles en route.

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Bixby Bridge on Route 1, California, USA

Bixby Bridge on Scenic Route 1, California, USA – Image by Pung

4: Fall off the map in Kyrgyzstan

Are you seeking splendid isolation for your honeymoon? If so, go somewhere far from the rest of the world, or, even better, somewhere most people haven’t heard of, like Kyrgyzstan. Explore enormous expanses of high mountains and deep-blue lakes, gallop across near-empty steppe on horseback, then bed down together like a pair of nomads in a cosy, woodstove-warmed yurt.

Or try… Patagonia, where spectacular wilderness combines with spectacularly stylish wilderness hotels.

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Yurt in Stunning Kyrgyzstan Scenery

Yurt in Stunning Kyrgyzstan Scenery – Image by V. Smirnov

5: Climb a mighty peak in Tanzania

Nothing will bring you closer than facing the challenge of summiting one of Africa’s greatest peaks. A climb up 5,895m Kilimanjaro is both hard work and no-frills; think tents, no showers and long-drop loos. But the shared elation of making it to the top is not easily forgotten. It’s easy to tag on a Zanzibar beach break or Serengeti safari afterwards for some well-deserved luxury.

Or try… Malaysia’s 4,095m Mount Kinabalu. You can be up and down in two days, leaving plenty of time for Borneo’s beaches and wildlife.

Kilimanjaro from Maasa Mara Game Reserve. Curious Travel's adventurous honeymoon ideas

Kilimanjaro from Maasa Mara Game Reserve – Image by Paul Hampton

6: Become dive buddies in Thailand

Thailand’s seas are warm, crystal-clear and filled with diverse, colourful life and landscapes. It’s even possible to get married underwater, with a Master of Ceremonies hand-signalling the vows to couples and guests. Dive together by day, then haul ashore at a laidback beach shack or five-star resort to enjoy delicious dinners while the sun sinks into the ocean.

Or try… The Maldives, to dive off deserted isles with whale sharks and manta rays.

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Manta Rays in the Maldives

Snorkel with Manata Rays at Hanifaro Bay, Maldives – Image by Milaidhoo Resort

7: Find romance on Canada’s rails

Turn the whole journey into a honeymoon by boarding a classic trail and upping the comfort levels. The epic Canadian links Toronto and Vancouver. Travelling Prestige class is a treat for newlyweds, with bigger cabins, private bathrooms, double beds and even bigger windows for watching the prairie and the Rockies glide by.

Or try… the wood-panelled carriages of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express for the ultimate classic in rail romance.

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"The Canadian" Train Touring from Toronto to Vancouver. Curious Travel's adventurous honeymoon ideas

Toronto to Vancouver Train “The Canadian” – Image by Via Rail Canada Inc.

8: Walk the Australian wilderness

It’s your honeymoon, so no need to deprive yourself, even if you do want to go for a hike. Choose one of the Great Walks of Australia, a handful of premium hikes that combine inspiring trails with expert guiding, gorgeous glamping, exclusive wilderness access and gourmet food and wine. Perhaps try the Bay of Fires Walk, a four-day amble along Tasmania’s pristine north-east coast. Add in some Luxury Lodges of Australia and ultimate Wine Experiences for an adventurous and varied, unique honeymoon.

Or try… Peru’s Salkantay Trek, an alternative route to Machu Picchu, staying in sumptuous mountain lodges en route.

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Great Walks of Australia

Image from Great Walks of Australia

9: Cool your passion in Finland

Winter-moons can be magical, with all that sparkling snow and snuggling under blankets beside crackling fires. For maximum impact, travel way up north. In Finnish Lapland, you can take romantic sleigh rides, roar off on a snowmobile for two and walk hand-in-hand in snowshoes. Stay in a glass-roofed igloo and you might see the Northern Lights from your bed.

Or try… An Art Suite at Sweden’s Ice Hotel. Each one is different and carved fresh each year.

Northern Lights in Finland.  Adventurous honeymoon ideas by Curious Travel

Northern Lights in Finland – Image by N. Brown

10: Watch nature courting in the Galápagos Islands

Love really is all around in Ecuador’s Galápagos Islands. A cruise here is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, perfect for a honeymoon, and, depending on when you visit, you might see all sorts of amorous behaviour, from the mesmeric beak-fencing of waved albatross to the comical hot-stepping of blue-footed boobies and the throat-pouch billowing of magnificent frigate birds.

Choose a classy cruise so that you can enjoy comfort, luxury and good food and drink when you’re not watching wildlife on-land or snorkelling in the busy surrounding waters.

Or try… South Georgia and Antarctica, another Bucket List cruise, to see thousands of penguin pairs raising their young.

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 Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. Adventurous honeymoon ideas by Curious Travel

Sea Lions on the beach, Espanola, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador – Image by Steve Cymro

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