Do you live in Central America or the Caribbean and fancy a short break in Havana? Are you travelling in North, Central or South America and just have a few days to spare? Why not take a short flight over to Cuba and enjoy the fascinating cultural delights of Havana and learn all about its history, politics and what might come next for this unique country.

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Day 1 – Revolution Square, Jaimanitas and Paladors

Ministry of the INterior, Revolution Square, Havana, Cuba

Revolution Square, Havana, Cuba – Image by Regien Paasen

Depending on the time of arrival….

What is a “paladar”? The word, “Paladar” from the Spanish meaning “palate.” In Cuba “paladars” are privately and individually owned restaurants – owned by Cuban people and in their homes, rather than the government-operated restaurants.

Day 2 (B,L) – Old Havana

Old Havana with the Capitol, Cuba with Curious Travel

Old Havana with the Capitol – Image by Denys Turavtsov 

Day 3 (B,L) – Farmers Market, Fine Art & Contemporary Dance

Farmers Market in Havana Cuba

Farmers Market in Havana Cuba – Image by Tupungato

Day 4 (B,L) – Cigars, Artists and Cuban Classic Cars

Classic America Cars, Havana, Cuba with Curious Travel

Classic American Cars in Old Havana, Cuba – Image by GlobalTRavelPro 

Day 5 (B) – Transfer Out

Looks interesting? Want to chat about it or work with us on your own tailor-made holiday? Give us a call or email us for more information. Looking for something else? Check out:

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For more information on Cuba have a look at our Destination Guide and out “Top 10 Things to Do” and if these make you think about a longer itinerary, have a look at the other example itineraries on here and why not contact us to design your trip?

Why we love our operator in Cuba

In Cuba we work with a local operator who shares our values of creativity, authentic local experiences, supporting the local people, economy and environment.

“We’re a small group committed to travel to Cuba, with a long history of working with organisations deeply rooted in all things Cuba.  We love it so much, it’s all we do (and we believe that makes our tours that much better). Not a tour person? Hey, neither are we. We believe in travel, not touring. We focus on the people – you, and the Cubans you’ll meet – to create experiences that are unique and personal. The options for what you can see, do eat and experience is many – so many, they’re overwhelming.

With our eyes and ears on the ground, we believe that we can offer better programming and more authentic activities than others who offer many different destinations in their programming.  We do our best to support small local businesses as well as young and upcoming entrepreneurs who share our passion and appreciation for responsible travel, the environment and Cuban culture.”

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