Our wanderlust helps us create unforgettable travel experiences.

The Curious Travel Company was founded by Becky Harris and curates personalised holidays and travel experiences that are as unique as you and those you travel with. Whether you are looking for a no-stress mini-break or an epic, transformational journey of self-discovery, we will help you realise your perfect trip.

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We at Curious Travel are avid explorers who are forever curious. Our curiosity for the world, its people and cultures, and our passion for bringing you meaningful, self-actualising experiences, drive us to create unforgettable trips that are tailor-made for your travel DNA. We believe travel should feed your curiosity, that it should never be totally satisfied. We want you to say “That was incredible! What’s next?”

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To do that we need to know our clients. What makes you curious? What do you want to achieve from your trip? How can we co-create the perfect travel experience for your solo backpacking adventure, couple’s exploration or family world travel? (We did warn you we were curious!)

We couldn’t bring you the most memorable and fulfilling trips without our partners in the local community. We make sure they are an integral part of our team, get a fair deal and that our travel experiences bring positive benefits to the environment and the communities we explore.

We hope to help you go further, go deeper, and push your travel boundaries. Let’s be forever curious together…

Curious to find out more? Drop us a line!

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