Cuba – By Joey Tyson

A country of wild idiosyncrasies and infectious passion, Cuba is unlike anywhere else on Earth, making it full of excitement for travellers. An island united by its revolutionary history, the iconography is everywhere, especially in the vibrant capital, Havana, where you’ll find rum, cigars, classic cars, crumbling facades and plenty of Che and Fidel posters. Whatever your pre-conceptions, they won’t come close to the reality, as there’s far more across Cuba to experience, from the tobacco farms of Viñales and the peaks of Granma to the raucous music clubs of Santiago. Cuba is an island of remarkable diversity that you’ll never tire of exploring.

Language: Spanish. Some English may be spoken in larger hotels and tourist zones.

Currency: Cuba has two currencies: the Cuban peso (CUP), which Cuban nationals use, and the Cuban convertible peso (CUC), which is used for tourism. As a tourist, it’s likely you’ll only come into contact with the latter. Cuban currency is not available outside the country, so take some cash to exchange at your arrival airport.

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