DDo you dream of dog sledging and snow-shoeing through vast whilst wilderness? Staying in an abandoned church on an isolated island and visiting remote communities? Ski from a mountaintop to the sea’s coastline, explore glaciers in off-roading 4x4s and enjoy one of the most dramatic sightseeing flights in the world? Our Greenland Unique Adventure itinerary is a truly authentic, stunning trip to a pristine and unspoilt area of the world.

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Flights to Greenland often require a connection in Iceland so why not combine the two destinations? Take a look at our Iceland Destination Guide and Top 10 Things to do in Iceland for further information and inspiration.

Day 1: Arrival and Explore Nuuk

Nuuk in Greenland with Curious Travel

The first day will be spent at a relaxed paced getting acquainted with the country and climate. You will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel where you can settle in. Later you will be taken on a guided city tour to gain an appreciation of Nuuk’s 300 years old history. In the evening, a local dinner will be served at the hotel.

Day 2: Snowshoeing Adventure.

Snow Shoeing around Nuuk in Greenland with Curious Travel

After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, you will depart city life to head for the harbour where a private, heated boat awaits. You will sail deep into a snow covered ice fjord, passing towering mountains in an ever changing landscape. You will get the sense of being a small piece in a gigantic jigsaw of this vast area of isolated nature. You will reach a small island with an abandoned church which has been refurbished and decorated. At the church have a hearty lunch to prepare you for the adventure ahead. Next, you get on your snowshoes and head out for a hike in this pristine, white wilderness. Today’s goal is to reach a mountain peak where you get a stunning view over the sea and surrounding mountains and then plenty of other memorable sights all the way back. The evening is spent in the (well heated) church where your private chef prepares a locally inspired dinner.

Day 3: Snowmobiling and “randonee” skiing from Peak to Shore!

Snowmobiles in Greenland with Curious Travel

This morning you will board the boat to sail to a different shore where snowmobiles await. A quick tutorial and you are off exploring the snowy mountains for stunning views over this pristine and untouched area. Accompanying you is your ski instructor who will then assist you to ski down the mountainside, in fresh snow, from peak to shore like nowhere else in the world. After relaxing and enjoying nature for as long as you wish, you will sail back to your church on the island, where a sumptuous dinner awaits.

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Day 4: Visit Local Settlement and Deep Sea Fishing.

Settlement of Kulusuk, Greenland with Curious Travel

Leaving your church and island today, you sail deeper into the fjord to reach the only still existing active settlement of the area. Here you will learn what winter life is like for a small population of only 40 people in such an isolated area. You visit private homes and learn about life and culture over a cup of coffee and a chat. Heading towards city life again you visit an abandoned settlement now a “ghost town”. You also get the opportunity to do some deep sea fishing to try and catch some of the local sea fish in this area of Greenland. Returning to city life in Nuuk, you check into your hotel and have dinner in a local restaurant.

Day 5: Dog Sledging and Northern Lights – Stay in the Mountains

Dog Sledging in Greenland with Curious Travel

After breakfast, you head for the airport to fly to the second largest city in Greenland, Sisimiut. With a population of 5.000 people, it is the arctic capital. Here you head for the dog sledge area of town where a sledge will be packed and ready for you. Today you embark on a true winter dog sledge adventure. The dogs will take you through the mountainous hinterland crossing lakes and fjord before reaching a small isolated cabin. After a simple but tasty warm dinner, you will hopefully be able to enjoy the “northern lights” – Aurora Borealis, in the complete dark without any human light to disturb the view.

Day 6: Dog Sledging and Ice Fishing

Dog Sledging in Greenland with Curious Travel

As you journey back to civilisation with the dog sledges, you can stop to learn how to do ice fishing. It may be possible to see Greenland reindeer and other wildlife on your journey back to the city.

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Day 7: 4×4 off-roading to Russel Glacier and the Ice Cap.

Sightseeing Flight over Glaciers in Greenland with Curious Travel

Morning flight to Kangerlussuaq where you will be picked up by a 4×4 vehicle to explore ice and snow landscapes leading up to and onto the ice cap. On the way, you will see the active Russel Glacier. Today is a unique opportunity to see wildlife such as the Musk Ox. Back in the settlement, you will board a small plane for an amazing sightseeing flight over this stunning, glacial landscape. From the sky, you will be able to see the ice cap, glaciers and herds of Musk Ox.

Day 8: Transfer Out

After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport to connect with your international flight.

Approximate price: E 13,300 per person / GBP 11,750 per person for 2 people on a private trip.

Please inquire for exact pricing and costs for different group sizes. Also if you are looking for a more economic yet adventurous trip to Greenland please contact us for a completely tailor-made itinerary.

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