Italy – By Yvonne Gordon

The pizza and pasta alone would be reason enough to visit. But Italy is far more than it’s most famous exports. Not only does the country that gave us La Dolce Vita have world class food and wine, but there’s an abundance of art, architecture and culture to enjoy – this, after all, is the country with more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than anywhere else in the world. From the canals of Venice, Tuscany’s tiny medieval hilltop towns and the history of Pompeii through to the lakes of Garda and Como and the peaks of the Dolomites, there’s plenty here for everyone to explore, from families to adventure travellers. The Mediterranean lifestyle and weather makes Italy an absolute pleasure to discover. What’s not to love?

Language: Italian.

Currency: The main currency is the Euro. Most main towns have bureaux de changes and banks for exchanging other currencies.

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