Jordan is a fantastic Family Holiday destination with a mix of culture and adventure – a wonderful taste of the Middle East. Float in the Dead Sea, hike through the stunning UNESCO site of Petra, ride camels through the deserts of Wadi Rum and snorkel off the coast of Acaba – the Red Sea.

Jordan is one of founder Becky Harris’s daughter’s favourite holiday destinations. Contact Becky for her comments and ideas on Jordan and other family holiday destinations.

Day 1: Arrival at Queen Alia International Airport

Arrive at Amman Airport, where we will meet you, assist with immigration and then transfer you to your hotel. Amman is one of the oldest cities in the world, inhabited since the bronze age. The city is growing into a modern city but retains its character and history. Overnight in Amman.

Roman Ruins in Amman, Jordan with Curious Travel

Roman Ruins in Amman – Image by MBrand85

Day 2: Amman – Experience the Capital

You will start your tour heading to downtown for a city tour in Amman. Explore the historical side of the city wandering in the Roman Amphitheater, the Jordan Folklore Museum and then the Citadel. Free time to walk around the fruit market and explore downtown. Your next stop this day is Jabal al-Weibdeh, one of Amman’s oldest neighborhoods, to explore around further passing by several art galleries, museums, and local antiquities and handcraft shops, you can also stop on the way in one of the café’s for a cup of tea before moving on to another old neighborhood in Amman, that is Jabal Amman, walking in the famous Rainbow Street. Overnight in Amman.

Amman Market with Curious Travel

A market in Amman – Image by MikeDotta

Day 3: Jerash – Ajloun – Lunch with a local Family

Depart from your hotel in Amman. Head north to walk through history in Jerash, regarded as one of the most important and best preserved Roman cities in the Middle East. Drive to Ajloun and visit the castle, dominating the Ajloun skyline and built to ward off the Crusader armies at the key trade and pilgrimage intersection between Jerusalem, Cairo, Damascus and Mecca. Then visit a local home and savour an amazing Jordanian meal. Back to Amman to spend the night. Overnight in Amman.

Jerash Amphitheatre with Curious Travel

Spectacular Jerash – Image by Volkova Natalia

Day 4: Mount Nebo – Madaba – Karak – Petra

After breakfast, drive to Mount Nebo and wonder at the view where Moses looked across to the Promised Land and later died and was buried. At the base of Mount Nebo stop into La Storia, a delightful museum that highlights the cultural roots of the area. See not only biblical stories, but also the main Islamic sites, a history of Madaba, the life of the Bedouin, and life as a villager.

From here, proceed to the town of Madaba and discover the amazing Byzantine mosaics excavated from throughout the town. See the ‘Madaba Map’, the oldest preserved mosaic map of the Holy Lands and stop to buy souvenirs if you like before lunch at the famous Haret Jdoudnah Restaurant for a wonderful Jordanian meal.

Continue on the road south to the ancient crusader castle in Karak, exploring the maze of stone-vaulted halls and passageways. The city of Karak was the capital of Moab and the castle dominates the skyline. The castle provides an impressive insight into the architectural and military skills of the Crusaders. Hop back in the car and drive down to your hotel in Petra for the evening. Overnight in Petra.

Al Karak Castle in Jordan with Curious Travel

Al Karak Castle – Image by Sergio Panamarev

Day 5: Petra Back way Hike – 14KM Hike

After breakfast you proceed to the start point of the hike, entering Petra via ‘The Back Door’ avoiding most of the tourists. Good tracks go pleasantly down Wadi Ghurab amidst sandstone mountains guarding the approaches to Petra. This way follows a Nabataean route out of the valley and skirting around the final mountain on a natural rock terrace which has been ‘improved’ for the safety of walkers. Even so, it still narrows slightly before reaching a hidden plateau high above the impressive chasm of Wadi Siyyagh. Just beyond, carved into the cliff face, ‘The Monastery’ suddenly comes into view, where there is a Bedouin café for refreshments if you would like. Nabataean steps then lead down into ancient Petra; through which the route goes before exiting past ‘The Treasury’ and through the famous ‘Petra Siq’ to the shops, cafés and hotels of Wadi Musa. There is another route that takes you which is through Wadi Muthlim (weather permitting) to Wadi Musa and the visitors centre.

The Wadi Muthlim route is usually used if you have a second-day visit to Petra, weather permitting. Overnight in Petra Hotel

Petra in Jordan with Curious Travel

Spectacular Petra – Image by Truba 7113

Day 6: Petra and  Wadi Rum

After breakfast, head back into the Nabatean Red Rose city of Petra, one of the 7 world wonders and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Enter the city through 1KM long narrow gorge called the Siq, which is flanked either side by 80m high cliffs! Notice the dazzling colours and formations of the rocks. The site is massive and contains hundreds of elaborated rock-cut tombs, a treasury, Roman-style theatres, temples, sacrificial altars and collonaded streets. More time to visit other trails and sites inside Petra, such as the High Place of Sacrifice. Drive to Wadi Rum and spend the night under the stars in the peaceful desert, enjoying the hospitality of the Bedouins. Overnight in Wadi Rum.

Petra in Jordan with Curious Travel

Sightseing in Petra – Image by Becky Harris

Day 7: Wadi Rum – Jeep tour – Aqaba

Enjoy the wilderness adventure of a 4×4 HD jeep tour of Wadi Rum, following in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia, climbing sand dunes and rock bridges. The jeep tour will allow you to travel around Wadi Rum’s valleys, canyons, dunes and deserts, discover rock inscriptions, majestic views of mountains and landscapes and narrow gorges. At each stop, you have the opportunity to hike and scramble and explore in your own time. Then drive south to Aqaba where you have a free day to spend either relaxing and resting by the pool or beach as you choose, or exploring the markets of the downtown. Overnight in Aqaba.

Jeep Tour at Wadi Rum with Curious Travel

Jeep Tour at Wadi Rum – Image by Richard Yoshida

Day 8: Aqaba – Yasmeena Boat Ride

On this day you will have the Yasmena boat ride. It will start at 9 am through 14:00 or 15:00, the package includes: The boat visits several beautiful diving places, passengers are treated on the boat with grilled lunch and salads, mineral waters, and tea. During the breaks between the diving, snorkelling and swimming you can sunbathe and relax at the boat ́s sun deck. Then you have a free time to spend relaxing as you choose, either exploring the markets of the downtown or visiting one of the beach resorts to swim and relax. Overnight in Aqaba.

Please note that the minimum number of participants for they Yasmeena boat ride is 20pax. They can confirm the booking one week prior the ride alternatively we will offer similar activities for the day. Overnight in Aqaba.

Aqaba Coastline Jordan with Curious Travel

Aqaba Coastline – Image by Yakov Oskanov

Day 9: Free day in Aqaba spent by the beach

Free day in Aqaba to be spent as you see fit – no bus or guide at your disposal. Overnight in Aqaba.

Becky and Casey - Warrior Priness - Aqaba Jordan with Curious Travel

Becky and Casey Snorkelling in Aqaba – Image by Becky Harris

Day 10: Aqaba – Free Time in Aqaba – Dead Sea

Free day at Leisure and shopping in Aqaba. Those who are interested in culture may explore the markets of the downtown Aqaba and visit the Salah Aldin Castle. And those who are interested in water activities can try snorkelling and scuba diving to admire the world-renowned multi-coloured coral reefs, fish and wildlife under the clear blue water while enjoying a boat trip. Alternatively, enjoy the sun and the sea breeze by the beach. Later this day drive to the Dead Sea for the overnight. Overnight at the Dead Sea

Floating in the Dead Sea with Curious Travel

Floating in the Dead Sea – Image by MagicInFoto

Day 11: Transfer Out

Enjoy breakfast at your hotel. Time to float in the salty waters of the Dead Sea, relax by the pool, and experience the various treatments in the spa.
 After this relaxing finish to your tour, you’ll depart and proceed to the Queen Alia International Airport in time for your international departure.

We also recommend combining Jordan and Israel so do contact us if you are interested in Israel as well.


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