Morocco – By Helena Smith

From camels crossing Saharan dunes to rugged Berber villages in the High Atlas mountains, Morocco offers travel romance in spades. Morocco is the gateway to Africa, and provides many travellers with their heady first experience of that enthralling continent. There are plenty of ways to get pleasantly lost here, whether exploring the labyrinthine souks of Marrakech and Fes or walking the whitewashed, fortified towns of the wild Atlantic coast. Your abiding impression though is likely to be the warmly hospitable people, who love to share their culture and their cooking.

Language: Modern Standard Arabic and Amazingh, or Berber, are the official languages. In the street people speak Darija, or Moroccan Arabic. French and English are quite widely spoken.

Currency: The Moroccan Dirham. Euros can generally be used for larger transactions, as can English (though not Scottish or Irish) pound notes. Dirham can’t be easily exchanged or taken out of the country, so spend them before you go.

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