Portugal Guide – By Emma Higgins

Updated 27th Oct, 2020

There’s been a huge buzz about Portugal over the last decade and it’s easy to see why. Lively, colourful cities, a wildly underrated food scene, remarkably diverse landscapes, from golden cliffs to epic valleys, and warm, down-to-earth people make up the essence of the country. Flung far out on the far western edge of Europe, Portugal offers a lifetime of adventure, from the inviting sands of the southern Algarve and the soulful cities of Lisbon and Porto to its cast-adrift islands and often-deserted peaks that populate its northern border. That buzz isn’t disappearing anytime soon.

Language: Portuguese, with English spoken well through most parts of the Algarve, in major cities and tourist hotspots.

Currency: Euros.

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Emma Higgins is a British writer who lived and travelled extensively in Portugal. Her book, A Year in Portugal, documents her highlights of this beautiful country and offers ample inspiration for anyone looking to get to know this corner of Europe better. Follow her on Instagram @GottaKeepMovin and Twitter @GottaKeepMovin

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